About us

Dancescene has evolved over the years from its inception in 2001.

Dancescene has evolved over the years from its inception in 2001 simply teaching children to dance in a non-competitive and nurturing environment in local church halls, to additionally include the publishing of our first children’s ballet book ‘Andweina & Lucy Love to Dance’ in 2004, which is still available in local libraries and nearly every library in the South West of Perth; to media production in 2007 with instructional ‘Teach Me to Dance’ DVDs in classical ballet, jazz and adult ballet which sold all over the world; to the creation of ‘Ballet 4 You’, a modified ballet inspired exercise programme for women with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) to early stage Alzheimer’s; to creating a fabulous Ballet programme for Seniors over 60 years; and most recently, the launch of  our own online Dance Platform idancedaily.com.au which is a subscription based membership providing unlimited classes in classical ballet, jazz, hip-hop, Pilates, yoga, salsa and stretch and conditioning.

We have our own VIVACe activewear label designed and manufactured overseas, and import our own ballet shoes.

We donate generously to the local primary schools and enjoy an active involvement in the life of our community in the Western Suburbs.

What we love and do best, is the sharing of our passion for dance in all its genres to students of all ages and abilities, so that our classes are not only taught by professionals but in a manner that is inclusive, fun, inspiring and affordable.

The Dancescene studio in Claremont. provides exceptional dance tuition in classical ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip-hop for children aged 3 years through to young adults of 20 years; ballet and Dance fitness classes for Adults, Ballet 4 Seniors classes for students aged 60+ years and Ballet 4 Alzheimer’s classes for those with early stage Alzheimer’s or Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).

Dancescene & Dancescene Wembley founders, Lisa Purchas & Mikaila Godfrey  (pictured) are passionate about the teaching philosophy at Dancescene studios.  Their classes are instructional, highly interactive, creative and fun.  They are joined by a number of expertly trained dance professionals who take great pride in imparting their extensive knowledge and training to children of all ages.  The unique Dancescene environment is created to inspire, motivate and teach children the joy of dance in a positive and fun-loving way.

Dancescene enquiries can be directed to Lisa Purchas at lisa@dancescene.com.au or by telephone on 9386 2700 / 0414 653 839