Andweina & Lucy Love to Dance

Review of Children’s Ballet Book ‘Andweina & Lucy Love to Dance’

Andweina & Lucy Love to Dance is a beautifully illustrated children’s ballet book.  The story is about two young sisters who love to dance. “ ..At any opportunity they happily break into series of steps and turns to finish with a spectacular leap or dramatic pose”.  Andweina & Lucy Love to Dance is a colourfully illustrated children’s story about the fun these two little girls have in creating and performing a special ballet of their own.

Through her highly colourful artistic expression, the Illustrator Prue Van Wyck has captured the dynamic energy of Andweina and Lucy as they pirouette, gallop and waltz their way through this enchanting story.

The joy of dance is evident on every page of this delightful book and the author Lisa Purchas has extended her creative passion for the performing arts into publishing.

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