Adult Ballet Classes

The general purpose of exercising is to improve specific components of your fitness.

The general purpose of exercising is to improve specific components of your fitness – so that your heart and lungs function well, you avoid carrying too much body fat, your spine and joints are flexible and mobile, and your muscles are toned, strong and have a good endurance capacity.

Exercise also develops your mental fitness, increases your self-confidence and improves your self-esteem.

Each component of fitness is easy to achieve with a gentle, regular and well balanced exercise programme.

Whether you are an athlete, or a person exercising for general life fitness, the principles and philosophy are the same.  Start SLOWLY, increase the intensity GRADUALLY and work out REGULARLY.

‘Dancescene’ provides a one hour adult ballet class to strengthen, condition and tone the body while sculpting it into beautiful shape.   Class sizes are kept small to ensure a safe environment for students to undertake exercises with confidence under trained instruction.  No previous experience is required as the Adult Ballet classes have been designed so that a total beginner along with a more experienced dancer can enjoy the class.

Our term fees are $230.00 for one class per week. Fees can also be paid on a pro-rata basis, depending on when a student starts within a term and students are most welcome to attend more than one class per week. Casual classes are $30.00 and payable on the day at the start of each class. Leather Ballet Slippers cost $45.00.

Bookings are essential.